I am an artist born in 1985 in Warsaw. I live and create in Warsaw. I graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2012 and Art Therapy at the Academy of Special Pedagogy in Warsaw in 2017. In 2020, I completed Pedagogical Studies of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
I have participated in individual and group exhibitions and many art workshops.
 My works have been presented at the Gallery of the In Situ Foundation in Warsaw in 2012, the Promotional Gallery in Warsaw in 2013, and the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2013. In 2016, I created an autobiographical exhibition at the El Gallery in Elbląg. I also took part in the sculpture congress "Wiatrołomy" in public space with Paweł Althamer, Roman Stańczak, and many artists and creators for the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw in 2018.
In 2020, I was a scholarship holder of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In 2021, works from the FUNGI FUNGI series were shown during the 12th edition of the interdisciplinary Festival of New Epiphanies "Who Can Survive".
In 2023, I presented multisensory stone sculptures in the open air "Nights and Days" at the CRP in Orońsko, and participated in the stone sculpture in the Dworki in Stryszów.
In January 2024, in the public space of the Wisła District in Warsaw, a multimedia realization with four neon birds created in cooperation with the Art2Business Foundation
In the field of sculptural spatial activities, I have undertaken commercial work for the needs of artistic production, advertising scenography, and spatial design.
I also served as an assistant to the Polish sculptor Paweł Althamer and Dr. Maciej Aleksandrowicz.

In Art, I am guided by a deep appreciation of the free and full life of the visual language and the possibilities of expressing oneself in a free, poetic way of presence. 
As a Freelance Artist, I create diverse, multimedia object creations and spatial compositions. These are light installations, stone sculpture, assemblage with elements of physicality, multidimensional portraits, sewn forms, and spatial compositions SPACE ALTAR combining wall painting with sculptural or revitalized ancient furniture. I paint the whole with carefully selected light color.
I also cooperate in commercial projects in quasi-public spaces. I use a wide range of sculptural and wall painting media, mixing techniques and thematic meanings.
My largest spatially applicable sculptural works are light installations made of thermally processed PE foil, which I developed in my own technique. Thanks to the achieved structure, I bring out extremely interesting shapes and textures on the surfaces of white and black organic objects. The shapes arise intuitively during the work process with the material. I animate the created objects with light from within or in carefully selected external lighting. These macro works are a personal reference to the micro world of mushrooms, which fascinate me with their diversity of shapes and their influence on the environment.
The second area of creation is stone sculpture. A intimate proposal in its format. I animate the sensual perception of form. Thanks to the medium of stone, I work simultaneously with the intense power of internal female strength and sensitive fragility. The project is based on ceramic sketches, but I allow freedom in the sculptural process, leading a lively dialogue with the mineral structure. In a sensory way, I remain in constant contact with the stone, following its cues. Improvising, I sensually shape the beauty of forms in the organic nature of the mineral. I bring out the shape, deepening its sensual meaning, also for the recipient. The guide to achieve the final form is its sensual perception.
The third area of creation is assemblage. I create objects by mixing three-dimensional media, adding human elements to animate works in a bodily and emotional way. Sometimes I adapt objects with a past and rejected materials, extending their lives in a different meaning of reception after compositional treatments. I also uncompromisingly translate contents of emotional weight into visual language.
Portraits are assemblages based on a mask, a cast of the face with applied polychromy, and in a composition with a range of different materials. These works allow reality to come into contact with unreality, metaphors, symbols, and beings of beings from many perspectives.